Jacobowsky and the Colonel
Theatre Guild on the Air
Broadcast: ABC - Sunday, September 16, 1945
Author: S. N. Behrman     Adapted: Philip Lewis
Director: Homer Fickett

The Colonel - Louis Calhern
Marianne - Annabella
Jacobowsky - Oscar Karlweis


By the 1940s, the Theatre Guild, a prestigious theatrical production company, had evolved from its more radical beginnings in 1919 to become established as an almost de facto national theater for the United States. In 1945, as part of an effort to reach a broader audience, the Guild developed a radio program, The Theatre Guild on the Air. This anthology series initially presented live broadcasts of adaptations of plays which had been produced originally by the Guild, such as Ferenc Molnár's The Guardsman (1945) with Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. It also occasionally offered dramatic works which had been staged by other producers. First broadcast on the ABC Radio Network (1945-1949), the program's sponsor was the United States Steel Corporation. Arminia Marshall (wife of one of the Guild's original founders, Lawrence Langner) was responsible for coordinating the administrative aspects of the radio program for the Guild.

Theatre Guild on the Air was heard on the NBC Radio Network from the fall of 1949 to the spring of 1953, when it was revamped as a television series, The United States Steel Hour.

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