S. N. Behrman and Sonya Levien
Twentieth Century-Fox, 1931
Screenplay, Mimeographed Sheets, 100pp

This is the Final script dated August 28, 1931. The movie’s U.S. release date was December 6, 1931. Screenplay by S. N. Behrman and Sonya Levien, based on the novel Axelle by Pierre Benoit. Directed by William K. Howard, the cast included Warner Baxter as Sgt. Dumaine, Leila Hyams as Axelle, Ralph Bellamy as Capt. Ebbing, C. Aubrey Smith as Count Reichendorf, Alexander Kirkland as Dietrich Reichendorf, William Pawley as Gourrut, Howard Phillips as Claverie, George Beranger as Fichet, Bodil Rosing as Domenica, Tom Ricketts as Gottlieb, Frank Arthur Swales as Hugo, Joe Sawyer as Muller, Al Burke as Audemard and Jack Conrad as Sylvestre.

Behrman in many ways typified the American screenwriter of the early sound film era. He was brought to Hollywood following a career as a playwright, worked mostly as an adapter of plays and novels to the screen, wrote nearly all of his scripts with a collaborator, and stayed in motion pictures strictly for the financial reward. Behrman displayed considerable artistic integrity and had the ability to adapt faithfully from works as diverse as Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Anna Karenina.

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