Waterloo Bridge

S. N. Behrman
Loew's Incorporated, December 27, 1939
Screenplay, Mimeographed Sheets, 148pp

A "Temporary Incomplete" draft of Behrman's screenplay, dated December 27, 1939 (with later sections dated January 1, 1940), containing pages numbered 11-159. This script opens with a long-shot of Waterloo Bridge, and concludes with a dissolve, so the as yet to be added leaves may consist of the flashback framework that was an added feature of the 1940 remake. This version was directed by Mervyn Leroy, and starred Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor. At this stage of the script's genesis, Behrman is the only credited writer; Hans Rameau and George Froeschel eventually shared credit upon the films release in May.

Also, a studio-generated mimeographed copy of Tom Reed's original 67 page screen adaptation of Robert Sherwood's play, dated February 4, 1931, but copied October 20, 1939.  This copy was prepared for consultation when the studio remade the film in 1940, based on the new screenplay by Behrman. The 1931 version was directed by James Whale, and was more explicit in its treatment of Myra Deauville's situation (played by Mae Clarke) and the prostitution theme.

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