The Cowboy and the Lady
Samuel Goldwyn
Release Date: November 17, 1938
Screenplay: S. N. Behrman & Sonya Levien
Original Story: Leo McCarey & Frank R. Adams
Director: H. C. Potter

Stretch Willoughby - Gary Cooper
Mary Smith - Merle Oberon
Katie Callahan - Patsy Kelly
Sugar - Walter Brennan
Buzz - Fuzzy Knight
Elly - Mabel Todd
Horace Smith - Henry Kolker
Uncle Hannibal Smith - Harry Davenport
Ma Hawkins - Emma Dunn
Ames - Walter Walker
Oliver Wendell Henderson - Berton Churchill
Dillon - Charles Richman
Ship's Captain - Frederick Vogeding
New York Times Review, November 25, 1938
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