A Tale of Two Cities
Release Date: December 25, 1935
Screenplay: S. N. Behrman & W.P. Lipscomb
Original Novel: Charles Dickens     Director: Jack Conway

Sydney Carton - Ronald Colman
Lucie Manette - Elizabeth Allan
Miss Pross - Edna May Oliver
Stryver - Reginald Owen
Marquis St. Evremonde - Basil Rathbone
Madame De Farge - Blanche Yurka
Dr. Manette - Henry B. Walthall
Charles Darnay - Donald Woods
Barsad - Walter Catlett
Gaspard - Fritz Leiber
Gabelle - H.B. Warner
Ernest De Farge - Mitchell Lewis
Jarvis Lorry - Claude Gillingwater
Jerry Cruncher - Billy Bevan
Seamstress - Isabel Jewell
The Vengeance - Lucille La Verne
Woodcutter - Tully Marshall
Lucie, the Child - Fay Chaldecott
Mrs. Cruncher - Eily Malyon
Judge in Old Bailey - E.E. Clive
Prosecutor in Old Bailey - Lawrence Grant
Judge at Tribunal - Robert Warwick
Prosecutor - Ralf Harolde
Morveau - John Davidson
Tellson Jr - Tom Ricketts
Jerry Cruncher Jr. - Donald Haines
Jacques - Barlowe Borland
New York Times Review, December 26, 1935
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