Brief Moment
The Lux Radio Theater, 1938
Ginger Rogers, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Louis Calhern

No Time for Comedy
The Screen Guild Theater, 1941
Norma Shearer, Walter Abel, Mary Astor, Hattie McDaniel

Jacobowsky and the Colonel
Theatre Guild on the Air, 1945
Louis Calhern, Annabella

No Time for Comedy
Theater of Romance, 1945
Jimmy Stewart

Biography of a Bachelor Girl
The Screen Guild Players, 1945
Joseph Cotten, Louise Allbritton, Harry Von Zell

The Second Man
Theatre Guild on the Air, 1946
Alfred Lunt, Peggy Conklin, Jessie, Royce Landis

No Time for Comedy
Theatre Guild on the Air, 1947
Frederick March, Florence Eldridge, Walter Abel

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